Keen Interest Being Shown In Short Play Writing Contest

Jenny Byers

Islanders are showing a keen interest in a contest to write short plays, according to organiser Jenny Byers.

Two people have said they will definitely submit a script of between 20 and 55 minutes in length for the Theatre Club to perform, with up to 10 works expected in total.

But Jenny says she’s “chuffed” some youngsters have come forward from the school and some Guides are getting involved.

Jenny says as a child she used to write and perform plays “just within friends” on the Garrison walls.

The scripts will be acted out during the Art Scilly Week next year and the contest is being run to the All-England Playwriting competition rules, in case the winner wants to go further by taking their work to the Cornwall Theatre Club awards.

Professional writer and creative writing coach, Paul Dodgson, who wrote for Eastenders, has agreed to judge the contest.

The finished plays or pantos need to be ready in February so Jenny knows how many she’ll need to squeeze in during the festival.