Rare Ladybird Seen On Tresco

The 18-spot ladybird, photographed by Pam Moorhouse on Tresco.

A rare 18-spot ladybird has been sighted on Tresco.

The ladybird, Myrrha 18-guttata, was spotted by a visitor, Pam Moorhouse, an experienced ladybird spotter and is the first such ladybird ever recorded on the Islands.

Dr Helen Roy from the UK Ladybird Survey says the 18-spot is very rarely reported in the UK with only a few sightings every year and says it’s incredibly exciting to get a sighting on Tresco.

She told us that, while it isn’t that rare, it lives its whole life at the top of Scots pine trees so isn’t reported often.

The 18-spot is very easy to distinguish from more common ladybirds, having a brownish colour with cream-coloured spots.

From Radio Scilly

Dr Helen Roy talks about the unusual 18-spot ladybird

At the moment it’s unknown how many might be here.

The ladybird was found on a Monterey pine and Helen says there could be more in that location although it’s likely to be early next year, at the start of the ladybird season, before more are spotted.

And Helen is keen for people to submit their sightings, including other ladybird species, to the survey. Details of the survey, and an identification chart, can be downloaded from their website at www.ladybird-survey.org.