NHS Showing Little Improvement In MS Services

St Mary's Hospital

NHS services for multiple sclerosis sufferers have shown almost no improvement in the last five years.

That’s according to a report by the MS Trust and the Royal College of Physicians, which says basic symptoms, such as pain, fatigue and cognitive problems, are not being well treated.

Their audit also found a third of NHS trusts had no plans to improve neurological services in the next year.

Islander Malcolm Martland, who suffers with the condition, agrees, saying that there have been no improvements to an already “meagre service.”

In fact, he says, there has been a deterioration with the Neurological Physiotherapy unit in Marie Therese House at Hayle now refusing to take outpatients.

And Malcolm says West Cornwall have been unable to provide adequate neurologically-trained physiotherapists for the islands.

He says that, while our island GPs have been very supportive over the last few years, the overall situation is very frustrating.