LAG Working Closely With Devon Groups

Scilly’s Local Action Group is working closely with its counterparts in Devon rather than Cornwall.

LAG manager, Amanda Pender, said they’ve teamed up with the South Devon Coastal Group because they share many of our issues, such as pressures on housing and similar age profile.

They also rely on tourism as the main part of the economy and have links with fishing.

The relationship means businesses and projects in the respective areas can share advice and experience.

When Zoe Dan was setting up the Bryher shop, Zoe was able to visit the Spreyton Shop in Devon to learn about community retailing.

The Cornish groups operate differently to the Scilly group where they try to work with hands- on individuals.

Amanda says the Dartmoor-based LAG, Devon Renaissance, also works closely with Scilly.

It has been assessed as the most successful in the country, and monitors our projects when they are half way through delivery.

That works for Scilly, as they have to be scrutinised by an individual independent of the LAG and the Council, but by someone who knows the system. So our local group used them on a pay-as-you-go basis.