Council Publish Results Of Annual Food Price Comparison

Co-Op's St Mary's store

The Council has compared prices between the Co-Op in Hugh Town, their Penzance convenience store and items bought online from Tesco.

Council Vice-chair Marian Bennett originally requested the annual survey when the Route Partnership was being pursued, as evidence of the economic challenges of living here.

A basket of 20 everyday items, including fruit, vegetables, Flora, Bisto, Cathedral City cheese and Tetley teabags were sampled. And the results show that, if bought at St Mary’s Co-Op the basket is 18% more expensive than the Penzance Co-Op and 35% more expensive than Tesco Online.

However, Tesco prices did not include the cost of delivery to the islands.

Fruit and veg is more costly here with bananas 140% more and carrots 75% more at our Co-Op than at Tesco. Peppers are 39% more in the St Mary’s store than at their Penzance outlet.

But the price gap between Tesco and the local Co-Op is shrinking. In 2009 peppers were 80% more expensive here – they are 55% dearer now.

The Co-Op head office hasn’t replied to our request for a comment.