Church Leaders Hold Question And Answer Session On St Mary’s

St Mary's Parish Church

Pop songs and TV encourage kids to try to grow up too fast, you shouldn’t feel guilty about turning down continual charity cash requests and the health service shouldn’t be privatised.

Those are some of areas of agreement between the three leaders of churches in the South West, the Bishop of Truro, Tim Thornton, Reverend Stephen Wild, Methodist Leader for Cornwall and the Roman Catholic Bishop of Plymouth Christopher Budd, who shared their views in front of 56 people in a question and answer session at the Old Wesleyan Chapel last night.

The men are on a three-day visit to the islands.

All the visiting leaders felt that the islands were welcoming to Christian visitors and Reverend Wild says pilgrimage could provide a new form of tourism.

Bishop Thornton agreed, saying there is a rich history on the islands and stories of the saints who have visited that could be “packaged” in such a way as to attract visitors.

But while he feels there’s potential for Christian tourism, he says he is aware that cheaper and more reliable transport is desirable and someone needs to champion the needs of the islanders in this area.

Bishop Thornton also says that churches often talk about attracting young people, but he thinks more emphasis should be paid on older members of the congregation.

Reverend Wild says he has been impressed by discussions with the Council over the involvement of the Methodist Homes charity in plans for the extra care housing development at Carn Thomas.

He says representatives from the charity are planning to visit the site and talk to key people in the project and he’s excited that the Methodist church can be part of these plans.