Scilly Will Increase Co-Promotion Of Tourism With Cornwall

Tourist Information Centre in Hugh Town

Our Islands are set to be promoted more in partnership with Cornwall.

Julian Pearce who heads up Council’s Tourism Department says Scilly will be promoted as part of the new “Cornwall in Style” project. Island Marketing will work with Mercury PR and Visit Cornwall to put together a brochure and website to encourage high-end visitors in the most affluent A-B socioeconomic group to visit.

Julian says that, while we need to maintain the distinct character of the Isles of Scilly, we should build on the status of Cornwall as the number one UK domestic tourist destination and use that to our advantage.

And Julian says more work is being done to build upon the growth of cruise ship visitors to our islands.

Scilly is the southwest’s number one cruise destination and that sector is continuing to grow.

In 2009, there were 1,931 daytrip cruise passengers who visited St Mary’s while this year 7,500 came ashore. About 35 ships lined up to visit next year including some planning to stay overnight.

From Radio Scilly

Hear Julian Pearce on Radio Scilly’s Tourism Show

Julian says it might be difficult to increase ship numbers much above that level and says the focus is now on providing an exceptional visitor experience for the passengers. That may encourage people to come back for longer stays.

He says they’d like to gather more information about the average spend per passenger.

Julian says the TIC is also planning guides which will offer a few lines of information about local businesses, particularly for passengers who have not already booked organised tours, and this would build on this year’s successful cruise visitor maps, designed by Kaydee Torbet.

Julian thinks one area where we’re falling down is on the use of foreign languages, particularly French and German.

Cornwall have recently set up their own PR company in Germany, which is an increasingly important market, and Julian thinks Scilly should prepare in advance for more visitors from the country.

One idea being considered is to provide TIC staff with language courses in conjunction with Lifelong Learning.