MP Still Receiving Complaints About BT

Scilly’s Member of Parliament, Andrew George, says he’s still getting complaints about BT services.

The issue isn’t with local staff. Islanders are unhappy that call centre requests and orders haven’t been dealt with quickly. Andrew has previously written to the company’s chief executive to voice concerns about the quality of service Islanders received.

Andrew says he’s been investigating complaints and, for a while, things seem to get better. But he says recently, BT have returned to delivering a “sloppy” service, particularly for local businesses who rely on a fast connection to the internet.

Andrew says he has been assured that Scilly is part of the faster broadband package being rolled out in the southwest and will not have to put up with the types of problems seen in rural Cornwall, that rely on delivery of broadband by satellite.

He says he will step in to try and resolve issues if asked, but he says it’s a mark of failure by the national operator that the local MP is having to be brought in on such a regular basis.

He added that telephony and broadband services on the Isles of Scilly are still “not in a happy place.”

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