Council To Set Up Health And Wellbeing Board

Councillors have agreed to the formation of a shadow Health and Wellbeing Board.

It will prepare to take over as the islands’ formal health body in April 2013 when public health will move to Council control and the committee will oversee the transfer of responsibilities to the Council.

Director of Community Services, Penny Penn Howard, said the Islands have been told by the Government that we have to have one.

The Town Hall will look after health promotions, such as smoking and healthy eating campaigns and will be responsible for health improvement of Islanders and reducing health inequalities.

In her report, Penny claims the Council is uniquely placed to make a real difference as it has oversight over the wider determinants of health from the environment to education.

Unusually, because so many islanders receive healthcare within Cornwall, their Council will have two seats on the Board and we will have seats on theirs.

Mike Hicks said it made sense to work with Cornwall.

In 2013, commissioning of health services will switch from the primary care trusts tp a GP-led clinical commissioning group. The budget for Scilly will be held by the Kernow Group of 55 practices in the west of Cornwall.