Scilly Pupils Top Of Table At Key Stage 2

The Five Islands School

The performance of our school’s pupils at key stage 2 in english and maths is the best in the whole country.

That’s according to data presented to Councillors this week.

Pupils are assessed at the end of their primary school years and the Government uses the results to assess how the youngsters and schools are performing.

Headteacher, Bryce Wilby says it’s something we should celebrate, although he added we should be cautious when comparing ourselves to other education authorities, as we have low numbers of pupils and only a single school.

And Bryce says this means the figures can change quickly.

From Radio Scilly

Bryce explains the key stage 2 results

Our authority went from being in the top four nationally for writing, to being bottom within a few years and he says it can be just a couple of children who do badly that can affect those numbers.

Bryce feels that the tests are unnecessary and says the key stage 2 results often don’t relate to the later stage 3 performance.

Our school is one site and a ‘through school’ but mainland secondaries would pay little attention to the Sats from their feeder schools.

Some even boycotted the assessment last year.