Nanotechnology To Be Explained At School Sessions Today

The Five Islands School

Pupils from the Five Islands school and members of the public will, tonight, hear about cutting edge science that could transform our lives.

Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating materials at an incredibly small scale, a fraction of the size of a human hair.

Scientists from the Institute of Physics are visiting St Mary’s and will talk at the school as part of a ten-stop tour of the southwest.

Anella Seddon, a lecturer in physics at the University of Bristol says the session will explain how nanotechnology has affected us all, including the revolution in hand-held electronics as well as more unusual applications in cosmetics and healthcare.

She admits it can be difficult to explain nanotechnology, but says she has plenty of visual aids including Lego and washing up to get the concepts across!

Anella says she enjoys giving lectures to children because she feels they often appreciate science more and tend to ask the best questions.

She says there are some good role models for kids who want to follow science careers. Brian Cox has had a massive effect on recruitment to physics courses and also says Alice Roberts from the Coast programmes is often seen as a great example for kids.