Extra Payments For Chief Officers To Be Removed

The Town Hall

Councillors will remove discretionary payments to six senior Council staff, Chairman Mike Hicks confirmed last night.

But yesterday’s private meeting in the Old Wesleyan Chapel heard that the ‘market factor supplements’ being paid to all Chief Officers and the Chief Executive since last April cannot be removed until next April.

This was the legal advice provided by Richard Williams of Cornwall Council at the two hour meeting, called specially to discuss a pay panel report.

Originally this report, he work of Councillors McCarthy, Martin and Savill, had recommended the removal of the £4,500 Scilly weighting payments for each officer next month on the grounds that they could not be justified in the current market conditions.

Councillors McCarthy and Martin asked for their names to be removed from the report because of last minute changes to it, which they didn’t agree to. They hadn’t seen the amended version.

Mr Williams offered his legal view that it may be legally difficult to remove the discretionary additional payment without the Chief Officers’ consent.

But Radio Scilly sources say the majority of Councillors want the extra payments scrapped. This doesn’t include the controversial 12% pay rise the Chief Officers received.

Councillors also agreed that a Remuneration Committee should be set up at its next meeting, with a remit to scrutinise future pay arrangements for all staff, and approved the start of a job evaluation exercise for Chief Officers, designed to come into effect by next April so as to coincide with the intended termination of the market payments.

One Response to Extra Payments For Chief Officers To Be Removed

  1. Mike Brown October 8, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    The cessation of £4500 Market Factor Supplements (MFS s) for Chief officers of the Council next April will not be a day too soon. There has never been a policy in place to entitle them to get it. They were just given it thanks to a consultant’s unfortunate suggestion and a few councillors making the wrong and expensive decision.

    Fortunately, an attempt to put a policy which would have cemented these payments in place earlier this year and which would also have included making them pensionable was thrown out by the Policy & Resources committee .

    I keep reading the phrase “legal advice” – this is worthless! What is needed is a proper “legal opinion” then both councillors and officers will know whether the process that led to the 12% increase, the £4,500 MFS s and the extra pay points added to nine other selected posts was done by the book.