MP Won’t Be Drawn On Heliport Plans

Scilly’s MP, Andrew George, says he wants the helicopter service to stay but he won’t say what he thinks about the plans to relocate the heliport from St Erth to Penzance.

Villagers there have started a protest group and opponents have signed an online petition.

Locals claim developers have not properly researched all possible sites and the proposed heliport will encroach on prime rural farmland.

They are also concerned about A30 roundabout traffic and bird and wildlife disturbance. They feel that flying an extra 5 miles each journey will also add to fuel costs.

Mr George wouldn’t tell us what he thinks about the St Erth heliport plans but has repeated that he’s not a fan of large, out-of-town supermarket developments. Part of BIH’s plan is to sell their current site to Sainbury’s.

He sits on a group that questions supermarket expansion but he won’t be drawn on what he thinks about the Eastern Green Heliport, saying his views are irrelevant and he’s not getting involved.

Elsewhere there’s better news for British International Helicopters. Mr George says it looks like the message that a new tax for business and pleasure flights, that could double the price of our helicopter service and cripple the service, has got through to Government ministers.

He says he feels “reasonably optimistic” that Justine Greening, the Treasury minister dealing with this proposed tax, understands that it shouldn’t be applied here.


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