Councillors To Discuss Staff Salaries In Closed Meeting

Councillors will debate senior staff pay today.

They will meet behind closed doors to discuss the discretionary pay awards; the market factor supplement or Scilly weighting is worth up to £4500 a year for full-time officers.

A panel of three councillors, Amanda Martin, Richard McCarthy and Christine Savill, have met to assess the salary boost and they’ve consulted the director of Southwest Councils, a body that offers human resources advise to councillors. They’ll report back to members.

Councillor’s views on the issue aren’t clear cut. Some believe top staff receive lower salaries than their mainland counterparts and should keep the bonus which added to their controversial salary rise last year.

They argue salaries have to be competitive to retain key staff here, but some say it isn’t hard recruiting now after major job cutbacks on the mainland.

Some councillors are also worried that unions or lawyers may fight for retention of the market factor supplement as it’s been paid for so long and is viewed as part of their package.

There’s a separate pay issue too. Nine middle-management staff received rises when their salary ceilings, the upper limit on what they could earn, was raised.

Some councillors are likely to push for a pay sub committee to decide what are fair and appropriate salaries in the current economic climate.