New Non-Emergency Number For Islands’ Police

The Islands’ police boss is asking locals to road test the Devon and Cornwall force’s new emergency phone number.

Our local police are amongst the first forces to roll out the 101 number.

From next September, the current non-emergency service on 0845 777444 will be switched off.

Sergeant Colin Taylor has heard some islanders have found problems with the system, with one being told it wasn’t in operation here yet.

Colin says it is and wants to hear from anyone experiencing problems so they can weed out any imperfections.

St Mary’s police station is the only one in the local force that’s still publicises a direct dial number and Colin says 422444 will still remain a local contact but you can’t guarantee attendance until the next time the officers are at the station.

He says nothing replaces 999 for emergencies and if there is an ongoing situation you should call that immediately.