Funding Agreed For School Access Improvements

The Five Islands School

Councillors have agreed to allocate £60,000 towards improving access to the new school.

Penny Penn Howard, Director of Community Services, told Councillors at yesterday’s Children’s and Young People Committee that an ‘access consultant’ from Cornwall Council had been appointed to look at the site and make appropriate recommendations for improvements.

This could include work to separate bike and foot traffic on the Moorwell path, improvements to lighting and better access for physically disabled children and parents.

The money has been made available from a £115,000 underspend on last year’s Education Grant, partly due to lower numbers of 3 and 4 year olds in education.

The Committee also approved £30,000 to be spent on netting for the netball court at the new school and the remainder of the surplus has already been used to extend funding for a Children’s Mental Health worker.

The reduction in younger children in education has also lead to a further £85,000 underspend on the Early Years budget and it has been proposed that this money is used for a variety of purposes including off-island school maintenance and equipping the new library at Porthcressa. Up to £35,000 could be used to extend the social care IT system.

We spoke to Bryce Wilby after the meeting who felt that the reallocation of the money from the education budget was a good use of funds as a proportion of the money was obtained by a quirk in the Government’s formulas for allocating money and wasn’t all required for that purpose.