Scilly Win Overall In Mal de Mer Challenge

Overall, it’s been a Scilly victory in the annual Mal de Mer sporting challenge.

Islanders beat the 43 visiting Mal de Mer sportsmen in more than half the 23 sports played over the last 6 days, and in some events, like last night’s gig rowing, the visitors didn’t get a look in.

But that hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm for a return trip.

Sean Galloway, the club treasurer, says the six new young recruits for the Mals have helped them do better in many sports, particularly the hockey, cricket and football, and they’ve had some special moments with their first century in cricket for many years.

He says they started the tour in fog and some sportsmen had to go back on the Wizard yesterday to make sure they got home.

But they’ve also enjoyed some fantastic weather and everyone is looking forward to returning next year.