Scillonian Club Bird-Watch Log Marks Start Of Season

The bird watching period has begun with the first of the bird-log sessions, to report sightings and rarities, at the Scillonian Club last night.

Three temporary paths have been opened across farmland on St Mary’s with the farmers’  consent.

There are printed signs and orange arrows pointing the way at Sunnyside, Tremelethen and Peninnis.

Martin Goodey of the IOS Bird Group wants birders to respect the courtesy of the farmers and not wander off into the fields, disturbing livestock.

Martin says it’s too early to say which one of the trails is the most lucrative for sightings but the track running halfway down King Edward’s Road towards Peninnis could be a good bet.

The birds seem to favour the headland as it sticks out to the southwest and is often the first resting place for the birds before they move inland to the Lower Moors or the middle of the island.

The lighthouse beam also seems to attract disorientated migrants.

The birds brought here by the tail end of the Atlantic hurricane season haven’t caused a spike in bird watcher numbers. Visitors have declined over the past few years but Martin believes it’s bottomed out, with around 250 people here over the next four weeks at any one time.