Unique Challenges For Island Startup Businesses

Pam Sekula from Outset Cornwall

Islanders who want to start businesses in Scilly face some unique barriers because of our location and isolation from the mainland.

But many of the issues are the same wherever you are and it’s providing the confidence to take the next steps in business that’s important.

That’s the view of Outset Cornwall Advisor, Pam Sekula, who came over to advise would-be business people yesterday.

The agency works with the Council to support new start-up businesses and have been running training sessions covering everything from day-to-day operations through to more personal development issues such as confidence building and managing money.

The fog forced them to call off their web design and social networking course yesterday when their experts’ flights were delayed, so instead they ran a networking session with their existing clients.

Jenny Bagnall has set up her own wedding planning business

Jenny Bagnall, who’s just started her own wedding planning business, told us the advice and support she had received from Outset had been invaluable. She thinks that she’s been fortunate to set up in business at a time when there’s a lot of support available, not just from Outset, but also from LAG and Lifelong Learning.

Pam told us the web design and social media course had proved popular and they’re hoping to reschedule for a date in the near future.