Theatre Club Announces January Panto

The St Mary’s Theatre Club has announced the pantomime next January will be Snow White.

Members heard about the plans at their meeting on Tuesday.

Mary Dean and Kevin Leeman will produce and direct it.

Kevin says he was surprised that they have never performed such a well-known panto as that before and says Pam Manning has found a very funny script, which will be adapted to include local references.

When asked if they’d need to recruit dwarves, Kevin said there is a twist in the tale but wouldn’t spoil the surprise.

There will be plenty of roles for kids. Casting is on October 13th and 14th.

For next summer, improved programmes will be sold to visitors and residents attending the plays.

The guides sold by the Miracle Theatre Company for their open-air theatre at the Chaplaincy gardens and Tresco have inspired Tom Scott to create a bigger, more stylish document for the summer play.

Tom says some theatregoers can sit for around an hour before the show so he wants to add more historical information on the club and archive pictures for the audience to enjoy as they wait for the curtain to go up.