St Mary’s Cyclist Completes Pyrenees Challenge

Duncan Nichols, during an earlier ride in the Alps

A St Mary’s Cyclist has returned from a coast-to-coast cycle across the Pyrenees to raise cash for St Mary’s Hospital League of Friends.

Islanders have offered Duncan Nicholls sponsorship towards the fund that paid for a baby pod, that’s used to medically evacuate infants to the mainland.

Duncan was joined by 26 cyclists on the 700km ride, which included 17% inclines as he crossed the mountain range.

Duncan says he’s been training around St Mary’s as well as on more challenging terrain on the north coast of Cornwall, so he was prepared for the mountains, but says it was still tough.

He admits to being a bit of a training junkie and, as an asthmatic, Duncan says it helps him feel better if he keeps fit.

From Radio Scilly

Duncan talks about his Pyrenees challenge

He added that, reaching speeds of up to 25km per hour on the downhills was a real “adreniline buzz.”

Duncan says the terrain wasn’t for novice riders and involved a high degree of skill, such as making sure the tyre pressure could cope with the changes in altitude and cooling the brakes during the downhill sections.

Duncan isn’t sure what the final fundraising total but says he’s sure people will honour their promises to pay sponsorship.

Next year, Duncan’s challenge will be cycling across Wales, from Ross-on-Wye to Aberyswyth and back in two days.