Model Of Gry Maritha Presented To Museum

A model of the Gry Maritha has been handed over to the Isles of Scilly museum by a doctor who used to work here as a locum.

Ian Barker lives near Bude and last covered for Dr Davis in 1997. He’s known the islands since 1981 when he stayed at the Star Castle Hotel on a second honeymoon.

Ian’s wife Val has been coming here even longer and was in a college judo club with John Morley.

Ian spent five years building the model of the supply boat, which was built in 1981 for the Norwegian fjords.

Ian says he spent many winters on the model and it took up a lot of the family’s space on the dining table.

Ian and Val wanted to donate the model boat because other vessels were represented in model form and they realised how important the Gry Maritha has been to the people of Scilly during it’s time in service here.

The model has been out on water – it is radio-controlled – but Ian admits the conditions on the Bude canal are quite different to the Atlantic.

The model came over yesterday on the Scillonian III, rather than its namesake. It was carried in the captain’s cabin during the crossing and the Steamship Company provided two complimentary tickets so Ian and Val could accompany it.

Amanda Martin, museum curator, said she was pleased to receive the model as the museum already has models of the Queen of the Isles and the various Scillonians on display.