Awards Presented At Lifelong Learning Anniversary Celebration

John Boden receives his 'Silver Surfer' award from Lisa McGill

The new Five Islands School provided a stunning backdrop to the Lifelong Learning 10th Anniversary celebrations last night. And the packed school hall saw awards being presented for significant achievements and contributions to courses.

Jo Evans, Lifelong Learning Manager, told us the evening was a chance to recognise the efforts of all the course attendees and tutors and to showcase some of the work that had been produced.

Award winners included Jenny Byers for ‘Most Enthusiastic Course Attendee’, Mary Dean for ‘Person Most Enthusiastic About the Arts’ and John Boden for ‘Most Enthusiastic Silver Surfer.’

John was modest about his award. He’s learned a great deal from the sessions incuduing the use of online webcam for chatting and he encouraged “any old-timers to have a go and not worry about getting skyped.”

Paul Dodgson, writer-in-residence at Exeter University and frequent course tutor in Scilly gave a lighthearted presentation prior to the awards.

Paul was keen to work in Scilly after moving to his new job in Exeter and was delighted when Lifelong Learning gave him the chance to run his creative writing course on the islands.

He says that island life gives people a unique view of the world and this comes out in the more varied stories that emerge here.

And it was those courses that inspired Lydia Birch, who won an award for ‘Person With Most Creative Potential’, to start writing a book which she says she’s hoping to finish soon.

Council vice-chair, Marian Bennett says she is impressed at what has been achieved in the last 10 years at Lifelong Learning. She’s seen it grow and become much more professional.

The event was also a chance to launch this year’s programme of courses and Jo told us they’re hoping to deliver more lessons using the latest videoconferencing technology.

Other award winners included:

  • Most Supportive Business Team – Phoenix Art Studio
  • Person Most Enthusiastic About the Arts – Mary Dean
  • Most Adventurous Learner – Mary Barnes
  • Best Buddy – Jane Hurd
  • Most Supportive Educational Institution – Truro College
  • Most Progress In Learning – Endre Kallai
  • Employer with Best Commitment to Training – Tresco Estate
  • Achievement Against the Odds – Traci Badcock
  • Lifelong Achievement – Lesley Hopkins