Scientists Make Annual Survey Of Beaches

Nathan Sykes with the hi-tech survey equipment

A group of four scientists from the Plymouth Coastal Observatory are measuring erosion across the inhabited islands’ beaches this week.

The researchers will be easy to spot, sporting bulky back packs sprouting aerials and electronics and holding 3 foot-long probes, connected to digital display data readers.

Data collected with their hi-tech kit are beamed back to the Coastguard Tower and downloaded onto laptops.

Once analysed it will be made freely available to anybody that wants it.

Measurements have been recorded annually here for the past six years as part of the Southwest Regional Coastal Maritime Programme.

Team member, Nathan Sykes, says the beaches are at their healthiest in autumn, which is why they do the monitoring now.

He told us there doesn’t seem to be erosion at the level that would cause concern and, on the whole, there is little change noticed so far, year-on-year.

The group surveyed St Mary’s beaches yesterday and will move to the off-islands today.