Member Of Islands’ Fisheries Committee Resigns

A member of our islands’ inshore fisheries committee, or IFCA, has quit because he feels the Council and Government are interfering.

Tim Richards told Radio Scilly News that there is normally a “supposed consultation process” but ultimately the decisions are imposed on the IFCA, an agency of Defra.

He added that many decisions within the IFCA “had gone beyond the control of the committee.”

Tim’s resignation letter stated that he no longer wanted his name associated with the IFCA and the vacant position will now be advertised.

Steve Watt, IFCA officer says it doesn’t have to be filled by an islander but he feels it will as there is a lot of interest.

Six candidates were previously interviewed for a place on the new sea fisheries board and Tim was chosen to serve by Defra as 1 of 3 volunteer IFCA members.


2 Responses to Member Of Islands’ Fisheries Committee Resigns

  1. Keri Jones September 29, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    Josh, it isn’t the Council who chooses who is on the IFCA. It is a body working under DEFRA, so the government appoints and, because of that, it isn’t guaranteed to be an islander who gets the place. As there is local interest thought, Steve Watt feels it is likely to be an islander.

  2. Josh September 29, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    Doesnt have to be filled by an Islander!!! Well that just says everything about the mentality of our beloved council!