Damage On Lifeboat Slipway Being Assessed

There’s a hole at the bottom of the St Mary’s Lifeboat slip, and RNLI staff are looking into it.

The boathouse is unique as the only one out of the 235 stations around the UK and Ireland that uses a slipway to launch the boarding boat and get to the RNLB Whiteheads in the harbour. Most crew launch boats from the boathouse.

£250,000 was spent recently on refurbishing the slip, which was built in 1889.

Steve Watt says a team of three from the RNLI have been assessing what needs doing.

He says the hole is only really a problem at very low water and can only be repaired during a spring tide when the water is right out.

And Steve says that this won’t affect safety as the crew can still use an inflatable to get to the lifeboat.