Planning Granted For New Home At Watermill

Council Chamber at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

A single storey wooden chalet that was once condemned, can be demolished to make way for a two-storey, two bedroom home.

The application was discussed at the recent Planning Committee meeting.

Councillor Merryn Smith felt that plans for the cottage in the woods at Watermill offered a “significant” improvement on the current ramshackle chalet and could look “quite attractive.”

Councillor Brian Lowen said the property had been renovated from the days when it was deemed unfit for living in, but it had fallen into disrepair recently and he welcomed the application. He backed what he felt was an improvement.

The property will be screened by trees although between 6 and 9 trees will need to be felled and Councillor Fred Ticehurst wanted the number minimised.

Parking is also an issue. There are spaces for the nearby new homes but Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden said the size of that parking area was “harsh and suburban” and he didn’t want to start suburbanising Watermill.

Chief Technical Officer Neville Gardner wrote to express concerns that there would be extra demand on the water supply. He said he presumed the building would need connecting to the water supply. The current shed uses a well.

The new home can only be occupied by people who meet specific local need or Key Worker status.

Councillor Gaz O’Neil left the Chair of the meeting during the discussions as he lives in the property.