Islands Sea Fisheries Committee To Join National Association

Scilly’s new Sea Fisheries Committee will spend up to £13,000 to join the national organisation.

Defra pays our Council £110,000 a year for staffing and operating the new rib, the Matt Lethbridge.

The subscription fees are included and will be less this year, but the Fishermans Association Chairman, Robert Francis, wanted to be sure Scilly could bail out of the group if it wanted to.

He felt it was a lot of money to pay just so Government would have one national body to deal with.

The man hired to head up the National Association of Inshore Fisheries Associations knows Scilly well and holidays in Bryher. Steve Watt told IFCA committee members that Steve Bolt is fair and impartial, and he “has no side to him.”

Robert Francis asked Steve “do you know how good a man he is?” Robert wanted assurance that he was not “trying to stop fishing” and claimed other officials were.

Steve said that wasn’t the case and Mr Bolt intended to visit the islands’ IFCA committee soon.