Big Plans For Next Year’s Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival will be a bigger event on the St Mary’s next year.

That’s according to organisers of yesterday’s produce auction and apple pressing event at the Church Pavilion, who want to put on a street party and more activities in 2012.

Lisa McGill says they’d like to celebrate the festival with not just food, but art, music and dance as well. And Canon Peter Walker told us he’d like to see the harvest festival as a celebration of all our islands’ talents.

Lisa helped arrange the pressing of apples including the local Scilly Pearl variety. She says the pressing wasn’t dependent on any electricity and was a way of reconnecting with local foods.

The apples were supplied by many people across the islands and he added the juice beats anything available in the Co-op.

An auction of local produce including fruit, vegetables and bread also took place in the Pavillion with Tony Dingley acting in the role of auctioneer.

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