NHS Bosses Want To Hear You Views On Services

NHS bosses in our area want you to tell them what services you’d like to see delivered to the islands.

An online survey is asking what you’d like St Mary’s hospital to offer locally and how the health service could change to better meet islanders’ needs here or on the mainland.

This is a local response to a national campaign, “Your NHS – Closer to You”, that the Government is making our primary care trust undertake.

Carol Williams, the Director of Nursing for the primary care trust, says you can take part on the primary care trust website.

Carol told us that work is being done to improve choice here, but islanders may suggest more improvements. She says patient choice is already being established on the islands and says it’s not just about choice of providers, but also choice of treatment.

This could include being able to get more treatments here on the islands rather than going to the mainland or attending an exercise class rather than physiotherapy.

Other services could include so called “telehealth” where patients are supplied with equipment to monitor their conditions from their own homes, with readings being sent to medical staff through the phone line. This can reduce the need to go into the health centre.