Touring Theatre Company Visiting St Mary’s

The four cast members of the Fourthwall Theatre Company

A touring theatre company is visiting Scilly for the first time and it’s all down to the passion of one of the cast for the islands.

Fourthwall Theatre, based in Cornwall, is performing a stage adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel, “Travels With My Aunt”, at the Town Hall tonight.

The 22 characters in the play are portrayed by just four actors who switch identities, nationalities, ages, genders and even species throughout the performance.

Cast member Nic Early, says it’s been his dream to bring a show here and he’s hoping to make our islands a regular fixture.

The company will also be visiting the Five Islands school today where they’ll be working with year 7 and 8 pupils to show how a book can be converted into a stage play.

Travels With My Aunt is at St. Mary’s Town Hall 7.30pm.