Scilly Council Singled Out At Lib Dem Conference Over Transport Grants

The Town Hall

Scilly is the one English Unitary Authority that can’t get a share of £560m worth of funding for sustainable transport schemes.

A Department for Transport civil servant confirmed this in a phone call with Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden yesterday.

It follows a speech by Norman Baker, the Minister who said ‘no’ to funding the Route Partnership, at this week’s Lib Dem conference in Birmingham. Mr Baker wants Councils to ask for cash for sustainable transport schemes to get people off the roads.

He told delegates that the fund had been well received by every English Council, except ours but Craig says that statement doesn’t give the whole picture.

Scilly’s Council isn’t allowed to apply for the funding, as it is not a transport authority.

Cornwall Council is, however, and that’s why our Council has partnered with them on projects like the Route Partnership.

Craig says they’ll now have a conversation with the mainland authority to see whether they would help the islands accessing cash for schemes here.