Newquay Gig Crews Visiting For Invitation Weekend

Two gig crews from Newquay will be travelling over to Scilly today, ready for this weekend’s Newquay Men’s Invitation Gig Rowing event.

The weather is expected to by fine, meaning there shouldn’t be a repeat of the washout when the Newquay women visited a few weeks ago.

The event is a long-standing tradition, stretching back almost 40 years.

The Newquay-based gig, the Hope, is already over and a second gig from Scilly will be loaned to the visitors.

On Saturday there will be a race from Nut Rock to St Mary’s at 7pm, followed by a race from St Mary’s to St Agnes at 11.30am on Sunday.

Finally, there will be a Mix Up race back to St. Mary’s at 2.30pm, where crew members’ names will be drawn out of a hat.