Council Gives Donation To Padstow Lobster Hatchery

A young lobster

The Council’s Maritime Committee, the IFCA, is giving £1000 to the Padstow lobster hatchery.

They need to raise £40,000 to improve their facilities there.

The charity has been over to our islands twice to place juvenile lobsters on the seabed in an effort to increase stocks in our islands waters and in July, 3000 babies of around 3cm in length were placed by local divers on the seabed near gap point off St Mary’s.

The plan had been to release them at Moon Rock off Bryher, but force eight winds forced a location switch.

Last night Councillors suggested that crayfish or bass could be encouraged in the same way but there are no plans to do that at this stage.

Fisheries Officer, Steve Watt said that if half of the lobsters survive to the age of 5 years then Scilly would get benefits greater than the £1000 grant he’d recommended.

The Town Hall has worked closely with the Padstow hatchery and made a token £300 a year payment. The hatchery has forgotten to invoice for it for three years running, so the money was there.

John Goddard agreed and proposed the donation, which was passed.