Silver Street Property Before Planners Again

Council Chambers at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

The property most discussed by Council planners over the last three years has been the subject of another planning application.

The annex of 2 Silver Street was refused a certificate of lawful occupation in 2009, an issue that involved the Town Hall in much debate and significant paperwork after the applicant’s appeal failed.

As planning permission wasn’t given for the building work undertaken, some of the annex had to be knocked down.

Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden inspected the site this August and felt the building had been returned to its previous appearance.

In the most recent application, Councillors approved a request to block up an unused window and render it.

The window, which was located at the end of the bins store, was said to be redundant, in a poor state and rotting. They also approved the boxing-in of a safety rail.

Fred Ticehurst said he’d back the recommendation to approve the work just to get it off the agenda “once and for all.”

He also voiced his opinion on the narrow design of the back of the property, telling Councillors it would be like living in a tube.