New Dog Bins For St Mary’s And Bryher

A dog poo bin at Porthcressa beach

New bins for the disposal of dog waste are being placed around St Mary’s.

Andy Thomas of the Council’s Community Safety team says one will go on Telegraph, one will be placed at Ennor Close in Old Town, on the walkway up to the airport, and the third will be fixed on the Garrison Field.

The green units are like those already in place on Holgate’s Green and Porthmellon

Some time ago, he asked all off-island Councillors whether there was a requirement for the bins and they’ve been offered on the understanding that someone in the community will be responsible for emptying them.

Only Chris Hopkins responded and one will be placed at the side of his pub on Bryher.

Andy says he’d rather not have deal with complaints over dog mess but this is a problem that just doesn’t seem to go away.