MP Attacks Health Reforms At Lib-Dem Conference

Scilly MP, Andrew George

Scilly MP, Andrew George, launched a scathing attack on the proposed NHS reforms at the Liberal Democrat conference in Birmingham yesterday.

Andrew has consistently opposed the Coalition Government’s plans for reform of the health service and in his speech, he stated that he wanted to “save the NHS from this catastrophic train crash.”

And he warned that the proposals could ruin his party if they allow them to proceed.

But Andrew said it’s not too late to stop the changes. “It’s like saying that because the burglars have broken in we should just let them go ahead and ransack the house,” he said.

St Mary’s Hospital is expected to leave NHS ownership on October 1st, to be run by Peninsula Community Health, a social enterprise set up to provide adult community health services in Scilly and Cornwall. They’ll also employ district nurses, health visitors, and speech therapists.

Opponents fear that, in four years when the current contract expires, private companies will be able to bid to run the service.

Mr George is demanding that the Government halts the proposals for NHS reform across England.