School To Raise Funds For Solar Panels

The Five Islands School is part of a new nationwide pilot scheme to raise funds for solar panels.

The Solar School Project launches today and the seven schools in the scheme will combine traditional fundraising elements, such as cake sales, with online fundraising.


But the most innovative part of the project is that parents, teachers and local businesses will be asked to buy part of a mock-up of a roof on a website and personalise it with pictures and messages.

When enough funds are raised, a real solar roof is installed on top of the school building.

Maddy Carroll from the 10:10 Group, who are driving the project, says they’ve worked with the Five Islands School previously, which is why they were picked for the new initiative.

Maddy says you can offer cash to support the campaign on the web at SolarSchools. and this is the best way as the charity can also claim back tax using the Gift Aid scheme.

And she says this could be the gift that “keeps on giving” – a small to medium sized solar panel could earn up to £4000 per year for the school.