Course To Help With Long Term Medical Conditions Launched

Cathy Shipwright

Enough islanders have expressed an interest in a 6-week course on dealing with long-term medical conditions for it to go ahead.

The programme won’t focus on specific medical complaints but will offer advice on how to deal with common symptoms of diseases and maintain or improve quality of life.

This can include chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, as well as the emotional impact of their condition, such as anger and isolation.

The course is run by trained patients and sufferers and organiser, Cathy Shipwright, says this gives a more personal perspective than the usual clinician-run events.

The feedback has been very good, with patients who have attended previous course saying that it’s changed their lives and made them “expert patients.”

And Cathy says even if patients don’t have the same underlying disease, because their symptoms are similar, they can help each other and realise they are not alone.

The course will run each Tuesday from 1st November, 10.30am until 1.00pm. If you want to sign up, hospital staff and The Link have more information.