Police Station Changes Can Remain

New solar panels on the roof of St Mary's Police Station

The police will be able to keep the external cladding and uPVC windows on the police station.

The force only applied for permission retrospectively, after work had started.

At the recent Planning Committee meeting, Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden said it had improved the building’s appearance and energy efficiency, which Councillors saw on a recent site visit.

Usually plastic windows aren’t acceptable in the conservation area. uPVC is also thought to be less sustainable and have a shorter life here on the islands because of sand blow and the higher levels of daylight.

Craig Dryden said the Council policy is against uPVC, but as it isn’t an historic building and they were replacing ‘like-for-like’ it was ok.

But during questioning, David Pearson wanted to know why Devon and Cornwall police had been “unaware of the law.”