Island Resident Writes Satirical Song On Helicopter Delays

Gordon Bilsborough has taken his criticism of British International Helicopters’ occasional technical delays to a new level. He’s performed a satirical song about it at the Folk Club at the Old Town Inn.

But this isn’t the first time Gordon has come up with a satirical song. His last topical piece got him into hot water with the Council after he posted a song lampooning objectors to the Battery Rocks development in Penzance.

At the time, former Councillor Gordon was accused of stepping beyond what is acceptable for a Councillor and was reported to their Standards Committee for investigation.

In an excerpt from the song, Gordon sings:

“It’s often going technical, which means it’s broken down.

The airport claims it foggy, but there’s sunshine in Old Town.

When finally it’s mended, we’re told the airport’s shut.

And now we hear a rumour that the service will be cut.”

Gordon says the song went down well and generated lots of laughter, although he isn’t sending a copy to British International Helicopters’ bosses.