Council Building Bridges With Penzance Over Route Plans

Penzance Harbour

Our islands’ Council chairman says he’s keen to build bridges with Penzance Town Council as they prepare plans for their redevelopment of their harbour.

The Department for Transport has made it clear that cash for this and the St Mary’s quay scheme won’t be released until the Penzance project is ready to fund.

If it isn’t sorted soon, European cash for up to half our £8-10m scheme could be lost.

Mike says one of the issues that concerns some Penzance people is the amount of freight being moved into the town but he hopes they won’t want to pursue an off-site freight handling facility, that our Council feels will add to cost here.

Mike added that the Penzance Seafront forum had wanted to deal with an area from Newlyn to Long Rock but he’s has been assured by Penzance Mayor, Jan Ruhrmund, that a group being formed this week will focus just on the quay.