LAG Funds Two New Transport Projects

St Agnes Boating will use funding for online booking

Out of four projects put before the Local Action Group last week, two transport proposals were granted cash.

Two other applications were deferred pending further information.

Island Carriers will be paid £41,500 towards the purchase of an electric delivery vehicle. This is in addition to grant funding they have been offered for the purchase from the AONB.

Amanda Pender of LAG says they will be required to report on the performance, running costs and the overall commercial viability of the new vehicle as against their more traditional fleet of delivery vans. This information will be useful to other companies thinking of making the switch to an electric vehicle.

St Agnes Boating was awarded just under £10,000 for ‘Phase 2’ of their on-line booking service. It will enable real time booking and on-line payment facilities.

LAG Members were impressed with the continued efforts of owner, John Peacock to embrace innovative solutions in both technology and passenger choice. John says the new online service will enable customers to purchase weekly and gig championship passes, book their arrival and departure boats online and plan their holiday in the comfort of their own home.

This Wednesday, LAG headquarters will be at the St Agnes Reading Room from 11.00am to 7.00pm and all islanders who wish to discuss potential projects are welcome.


2 Responses to LAG Funds Two New Transport Projects

  1. Amanda Pender September 22, 2011 at 11:03 am

    Dear Julia

    In answer to your query any project coming forward for Local Action funding is required to produce a strong action plan and financial profile that should support their bid for funding. If successful all projects pay up front for everything they wish to do and then claim in arrears on a quarterly basis to the LAG, hence there are no left over funds and the LAG only pays for a percentage of eligible and agreed costs.

    As regards the entire LAG budget of £2.25m this sum is not held within the Islands rather we draw down funding as spent out by projects, hence if the Islands do not make the most of the LAG opportunity the £2.25m ring fenced for the Islands will remain with Defra and the EU.

    I hope this helps.
    Amanda Pender
    LAG Programme Manager

  2. Julia September 20, 2011 at 9:46 pm

    Can anyone tell me what happens to any surplus money (if there is any).

    Do the companies who benefit have to supply detailed accounts to show where and how the money is spent or do they just get a grant and then get to keep the excess?

    Just curious as to how the system works.