St Mary’s Hall Hotel Goes Local with Five-Mile Meal Event

The second of the “Five Mile Meal” evenings takes place in St Mary’s Hall Hotel on 2nd October.

Manager of St Mary’s Hall Hotel, Joan Shiles, says the event revolves around two different menus, which must be created by the hotel’s two chefs from local ingredients.

And the chef who is chosen as the best by most people will receive a trophy made by Five Islands School pupils.

Most of the ingredients have to be sourced from the immediate area although some non-islands’ food is allowed such as flour and sugar.

Joan says the chefs have particular problems with meat, particularly beef, which must be sent from the islands for slaughter, so fall outside the rules. So she says they’re trying to source other meat products, such as local game.

The hotel is keen to hear from any local producers who can provide foodstuffs for the event and Joan says they’re already hoping to get a fresh, local pressing of apple juice.

Joan’s ambition is to be able to provide locally-produced meals at the hotel on a regular basis and thinks this could be achievable if a local abattoir project goes ahead.