Three-legged Race For Marathon Newbie

Last year, Carol Drage from the Airfayre Lounge cycled with two fellow islanders from John O’Groats to Land’s End for charity.

Now, Carol is preparing for a more physically demanding test – running the London marathon next year. And she’s taken on an additional challenge, especially for someone who hasn’t run marathons previously. She’s turning the 26-mile run into a three-legged race.

Carol will be tied with a scarf to her old school friend, Sue. Each of the women needs to raise £1500 which will go to PHAB, a national charity that encourages physically disabled and able-bodied youngsters to learn and play together.

Carol says she was encouraged to support the PHAB charity because she saw her favourite celebrity, Rolf Harris, endorsing their work.

The idea, like some of the best plans, was borne from a drinking session during gig weekend. She said by the second jug of Pimms they’d come up with the three-legged race idea, adding that she and Sue used to enter the three-legged race at school sports day to avoid ‘real’ sport.

Carol has started training by running up to work at the airport four times a week. She says she’s gone from not being able to run a step to managing five miles although she admits there’s still some way to go.

She’s already raised a few hundred pounds by selling second-hand books at the airport cafe but she’s run out, so any paperback donations would be welcome.

And be warned, Carol says she’s received lots of sarcastic feedback and is going to start charging a fine to every customer who tells her she’s mad!