Youngsters Set To Be Impressed By New School

Scilly’s £16m school construction project, the biggest in our islands history, opens today.

It’s been designed as a centre for learning for the next 50 years and the neighbouring sports hall is still on target to open on October 21st.

With the first day came concerns about traffic problems on the Old Town road. There are no additional parking spaces and police feared too many parents would drop their kids off by car.

Sergeant Colin Taylor and PC Mark Blythe were on duty this morning directing traffic and said there were very few problems although the drop off times were staggered this morning according to age group. Colin said most people walked or used bikes. However, he suggested that drivers not dropping off kids might want to find an alternative route to keep traffic to a minimum tomorrow.

Bryce Wilby, headteacher of the new school, says the youngsters will gather at the amphitheatre before being met by their form tutor and taken off to their new classrooms.

He says there’ll be a lot of unusual activities on the first day, such as being allowed to explore the new building, as well as learning about the new computer systems and fire routines.

The kids will get a map to help them find their way around.

Bryce says the new site brings many additional facilities that are new to education in Scilly, such as a performance hall, café, conference rooms and dedicated special needs facilities.

Project Manager, Phil Osmond, says he’s working on a final snagging list for the building, which will be given to Kier to fix over the next couple of weeks.

He says the teaching staff have given very positive feedback about their own classroom areas, commenting in particular on the sense of space and light in the new building.

And the school is more colourful than it may have appeared if you went to look around on the open day. Phil says the new furniture, including chairs and lockers, are multicoloured and now give a bright, sunny aspect to the interiors.

Chairman of the School Governors, Richard Vaughan, says it’s been a long, hard slog to get the school to this point but he added, the end result speaks for itself. There have been a few changes to the original plans as work progressed but Richard said the architect was “ecstatic” about how it still fitted so well to his original vision when he saw it recently.

He says people will be simply “blown away” by the building.