Tourism Staff Warning Of Phone Scam

Tourist Information Centre in Hugh Town

Staff at the Tourist Information Centre are warning guesthouse and B&B owners to be on their guard after reports of a caller phishing for information about bank details.

Council staff have been informed that a number of businesses have received cold calls from a woman with an American or Canadian accent enquiring about accommodation.

They suspect the enquiry is fraudulent because she goes on to ask questions about the owner’s bank account details.


One Response to Tourism Staff Warning Of Phone Scam

  1. Michael Ray October 31, 2011 at 3:13 am

    There’s another version of this scam where scammers call hotel guests in the middle of the night and tell them like the hotel’s system crashed and that CC information is needed to update records. Sounds like a scam! Unfortunately, there were a few who fell for it and lost money. Can you investigate on this too??