Island Group Celebrates National Lacemaking Day

Ann Gurr with a sample of her lacemaking

If you’re looking for a new way to unwind and forget everyday worries, Ann Gurr has an idea for you – take up lacemaking.

The traditional craft will be demonstrated tomorrow between 2pm and 4pm at the Phoenix Craft Studios.

The island group will show their creative work at the session, arranged as part of National Lacemaking Day, where you will have a chance to try your hand at twiddling some bobbins on a practice pillow.

Ann says the pastime can be a relaxing diversion when she’s on her own, adding it can be very therapeutic and helps her to relax and “switch off.”

But she says the lacemaking group is also an excuse for a social get-together. Ann says the work can be intricate and a large piece like a tablecloth can take time to do, but people can start with smaller projects such as mats.

Lace was made in Devon towns like Honiton but it wasn’t a traditional skill found in Scilly. A charity visited in the 1900s to teach the islands’ ladies to make lace as a new means of income, but it never really caught on, although she says there is a lovely locally-made example in the museum.

Ann says it would be nice get more people joining in because their membership figures have been falling.