Scilly Landmark Up For Lease

A Scilly landmark with an impressive view is available for lease.

The Council is putting the grade 2-listed Buzza Tower out for lease, although there’ll be restrictions on its use which, according to Chief Planning Officer Craig Dryden, would be better suited to low key ventures.

It can’t be used as residential accommodation, materials can’t be stored outside and planning permission and listed building consent may be needed for external or internal changes.

Councillor Amanda Martin wanted any materials unearthed to be historically documented.

The leasee will relieve the Council of the burden in maintaining the property and this will be taken into account when applicants say what they want to pay.

The maintenance and upgrade costs can be divided by the 21 years of the lease and viewed as part-rent and the Town Hall doesn’t have to take the highest bidder.

Richard McCarthy was concerned that the leasee could rent it to someone else and he was nervous that they may not be so careful as the person who signed the lease.

Peter Lawrence said they’d tighten the wording.

Applications close on 31st October.