Safe School Routes Still Under Discussion

The Lane that runs down to Carn Gwavel should be the route for children to access the school according to local resident, Joe Badcock.

He is concerned that Hugh Town youngsters will be cycling or walking around the Old Town Road bend to get to the school entrance.

Joe says the route past the incinerator is better than taking the main road but he is worried that people will be walking alongside lorries heading to the refuse dump.

However, headteacher, Bryce Wilby, says the roadway down to the old Carn Gwaval car park has been off limits to pedestrians for some time. The lane has a dangerous slippery surface and when vehicles are on it there is not enough room for easy passing.

The ongoing construction work on the sports hall at Carn Gwaval means this route also leads to a building site. Walking along the path from Hugh Town towards Old Town and then crossing the road on the flat bit near Nowhere has always been the safe option and would be recommended.

Bryce says he agrees that access routes and parking for the school need to be resolved. He says its best to contact the Town Hall abut this but he will happily support parents and students in encouraging the Council to provide better, safer access routes, a crossing point near Nowhere or speed limits and bumps in the road.